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The Park - venerdì 21 giugno 2024 

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The Charnel-House Monument


“For those who will rise to Sant’Anna, it will be lost to their sight during a short stretch,
just before the village, for the fault of the surrounding forest. Proceeding along the mule-track
leading from the village of Sant’Anna to the Colle di Cava’s peak …
the opera suddenly will rise in its totality …”

Tito Salvatori

The Charnel House Monument is located on the Col di Cava, framed by the mountains, and dominates the plains and the nearby coast.
It has been erected in 1948, projected by the architect Tito Salvatori.
The tower is 12 metres high, has four arches, and the walls show the stone-work. Under the arches there is a sculptural group representing a woman with a child killed under Nazi-fascist fire. The sculptor is Vincenzo Gasperetti. The base contains the mortal remains of the victims of the slaughter of August 12, 1944. On the back of the Monument a memorial plaque shows the names of those victims who could be identified.
The access path has along its sides the flags of the European States to signify the importance of the cooperation and the dialogue between the peoples for building up a future of peace and liberty.

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