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The Instituting Law

The text of the Law


Law 11 December 2000, n. 381

Institution of " National Park of Peace " in S. Anna di Stazzema ( Lucca )"
divulged on the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 296 on the 20th of December 2000

Art. 1.
1. In order to promote cultural and international events inspired to keep the peace and the people’s co-operation, in order to construct the future even on the sad memories of the past, for a culture of peace and to wipe the war out of the people’s history, the « National Park of Peace » is instituted in S. Anna di Stazzema (Lucca).
2. For the determination of the boundary of the « National Park of Peace » is the municipality of Stazzema who provides.
Art. 2.
1. The « National Park of Peace » has the purpose to concentrate and to organize demonstrations, national and international meetings, conferences, permanent and temporary exhibitions, to screen films and shows about the themes of peace and disarmament, to promote and to publish researches and documentations, as well as having at its disposal a specialized library about the themes of peace, national and international pacifist movement.

2. The « National Park of Peace » organizes the assignation of national and international awards for writings and works to persons or organizations which contributed to promote the peace, the disarmament and the international co-operation.
Art. 3.
1. The management of the « National Park of Peace » is entrusted to the Comittee to Honour the Martyrs of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, which foundation is established by the article n. 2 of the Tuscany region’s Law n.39, 12 August 1991.
2. The region of Tuscany establishes the structures and the terms of management for the working of «National Park of Peace »
Art. 4.
1. The settlement and the maintenance of the « National Park of Peace »’s area and its extant buildings are intended to the activity of the article n. 1.
2. The project for the settlement of « National Park of Peace »’s area is written by the municipality of Stazzema and approved down the conformity of the general development plan and the town-planning rules.
3. The Comittee, of which refers the subsection n.1 of the article n. 3, collaborates with the competence organs of the Ministry of Defence. To the possible onuses coming from this subsection must be afforded by the authorization of charge, referred to the article n. 5, subsection n.2.

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