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The Park - martedì 21 maggio 2024 

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The idea

The idea of the Park

A point of reference
On 1986 Giuseppe Conti mayor of Stazzema, had the idea to institute the Park which was founded, at last, on December 11th 2000. It could be possible thanks to the Law n° 381, passed by the Italian Parlament, which founds the National Park of Peace in Sant’Anna di Stazzema.

Thanks to that Sant’Anna becomes a point of reference between the many martyr cities of Italy and the world. Now important structural works are starting for the settlement of the whole National Park of the Peace’s area; they are carrying out in accordance with the Law n° 381.
It’s expected to build a reception centre, for the settlement and the revaluation of some houses which was destroyed on August 12th 1944 and for the creation of a sign-board driving the visitors along the memory’s paths into the Park.

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