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THE MEMORY - lunedì 24 giugno 2024 

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The Committee

The Court of Inquiry
Law of the 15th of May 2003, n. 107

"Institution of a Parliamentary Court of Inquiry for the causes in the hiding of files related to nazi-fascists crimes"
published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 113 on the 17th of May 2003

1. It is founded, by virtue of the article 82 of the Constitution, a Parliamentary Court of Inquiry, to investigate on the anomalous "provisional" filings and on the hiding of the 695 files, found on 1994 in Palazzo Cesi, center of the Military General Attorney, containing reports about the nazi-fascists crimes committed during the second world war and concerning about 15.000 victims.

2. The Parliamentary Court of Inquiry has the assignment to investigate on:
a) the causes of the "provisional" filings, of which on the paragraph 1, the contents of the files and the reasons why they have been found in Palazzo Cesi, rather than in the archive of the acts of the war suppressed Courts and in the special Court for the defense of the State;
b) the reasons which have brought to the hiding of files and the possible responsibilities;
c) the reason of the possible lack of individualization, or the lack of pursuing, of the persons responsible to wrong actions and behaviours in comparison to the national and international law.

Art. 2.
1. The Parliamentary Court of Inquiry is composed by fifteen senators and fifteen deputies respectively named by the President of Republic Senate and by the President of the Chamber of deputies, so that all the Groups, constituted in at least one branch of the Parliament, should be represented in proportion of their numerical consistence.
2. with the same criterions and the same procedure, of which on the paragraph 1, It provides the possible substitutions in case of resignations or cessation of the parliamentary order of the members of the Parliamentary Court of Inquiry.
3. the Office of presidency, composed by the president, two vice-presidents and two secretaries, it’s elected in a secret ballot by the Parliamentary Court of Inquiry, among its components. In the election of the president, if nobody gain the absolute majority of the votes, it proceeds to the ballot among the two candidates obtaining the major number of votes. In case of equality, the older is elected or enters in ballot .
4. The Parliamentary Court of Inquiry concludes its works within one year from its constitution, with the presentation of a final relationship about the results of the developed investigations.

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