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THE MEMORY - lunedì 24 giugno 2024 

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la memoria




The survivors

Angelo Pellegrini - 9 months old: "I don’t remember anything. I heard that…my mother hid herself into a cave, there was my little sister and me. They were also there, hidden into that cave". Read it all (only italian version)

Elio Toaff: «I often remember Sant’Anna di Stazzema, with all its poor deads». Read it all (only italian version)

Lina Antonucci - 9 years old: "I lost my grandmother, that day of 1944 in Sant’Anna; we held ourself arm-in-arm, she ran away so, they shot her, and I remained under the corpses. Read it all (only italian version)

Enio Mancini - 6 years old: "I still wasn’t 7 years old, on that shining Saturday morning; nothing let to forebode that it should be changed into a dark day of death: 560 innocent civilians were killed; 150 of them were children not even 14 years old". Read it all. Only italian version

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