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THE MEMORY - lunedì 24 giugno 2024 

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To not forget

The abominations of one war, of every wars

On the morning of August 12th 1944, in Sant’Anna di Stazzema, one of the most terrible crimes, who injured the civilians during the second war, was commited.

The cruelty of Nazi-fascists flinged, suddendly and inexorably, against everything and everyone. In the course of a few hours, in the suburbs of the small village (Vaccareccia, Case, Moco, Pero, Coletti), hundreds of corpses, which was massacred, burned and teared, remained on the ground.

That morning of August in Sant’Anna were killed the olds, the women and the children. The Nazists killed the villagers and the evacuees who rised to Sant’Anna to live in safe. They killed Anna, 20 days old; they killed Evelina, who just that morning had to give birth to a baby; they killed Genny, a young mother who, before to die, to protect her son Mario, hurled her clog against a Nazist who wanted to kill him; they killed Innocenzo, the priest who begged the nazis to save the villagers; they killed the Tucci eight little brother and their mother. As they were a prey to a homicidal rage, they killed 560 people without pity. The villagers was defenceless, without fault. Then the Nazists burned the corpses, the houses, the stables, the animals, the fornitures. That day in Sant’Anna, the Nazists killed the whole mankind.

The slaughter of Sant’Anna di Stazzema still arouse a sensation of civil and moral dismay and desolation, because it represent one of the most brutal pages of nazifascist’s barbarism, the cancer who affected Europe and annihilated the values of democracy and tolerance. It represented an hateful outrage who damaged the human dignity. That day man decided to deny itself, to renounce to the respect of people and to the civil rights .

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