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The Museum - lunedì 24 giugno 2024 

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Art Gallery

One section of the Historical Museum of Resistance is reserved to lodge and to exhibit the wide artwork collection. Every artwork have been given, from 1979 to now, to the Museum by italian or foreigners artist knowing the history of the small village and inspired to it.
At present, the collection is formed by around 90 pieces; among them there are painting, sculpture and drawings. They represented the time period that goes from the immediate postwar - in1946 was create the group of sculptures given by the Polish artist Henry Marinsky - to now, 2005, with the last two important donations: the marble’s book "A people of peace" created by the sculptor M.N. Rotelli and the suggestive "Pietas", a bronze created by Novello Finotti, given on August 12 th, in the occasion of the 61° anniversary of the slaughter.

Besides these artwork, there are many more; among them the most prestigious are: "Repression", 1979, created by Valter Nativi; "Sant’Anna August 12 th 1944", 1979, by Ernesto Treccani; "Without Title", 1979, by Giuseppe Migneco; "Study for Sant’Anna", 1982, by Antonio Berti; "They are always life and freedom", 1982, by Vinicio Berti; "Volto", 1998, by Pietro Annigoni.

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