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THE VILLAGE - martedì 21 maggio 2024 

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The Mining Park

At present, a project for the realization of a Mining Park is under examination; it foresees the restoration of the grayed mining infrastructures, whose concession started from Valdicastello, went trough the Mulini stream and the zone of Verzalla-mountain Arsiccio-Pianello, up to go beyond the Lieto Mountain’s ridge to reach the Fossa di Farnocchia, Calcaferro, Mulina, Buca della Vena, near Cardoso’s village.
The idea of the Park foresees the creation of didactic itinerary, in order to know the history and the culture of the mining extraction’s activity: the galleries can be explored are about 90 and they will put in safety to admit the visitors. The building of an industrial archeology’s Museum is also foresee. It will be a cultural and landscape itinerary: an ambitious project with the purpose to increase the Versilian tourism.
The ancient railroad’s layout, used by the EDEM company to transport in the bottom of the valley the workmanship’s residues, was been already restored. The ancient road, connecting the village of Valdicastello Carducci with Sant’Anna’s village, will also definitely settled. Recently, the Municipality of Pietrasanta has been noticed the mining area. The Park’s project will be jointly developed by the Pietrasanta and Stazzema Municipalities territorially interested.

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