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THE VILLAGE - venerdì 21 giugno 2024 

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The Regional Park of the Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps are a stately mountain chain detached by the northern Appennino mountain chain; it’s risen behind the Tyrrenian coast, in the western area of Tuscany, among the mountains of Pisa and the eastern promontory of La Spezia’s gulf. The Apuan Alps are a very typical mountain complex, without doubt "only" in its species as they have a peculiar intrinsic nature beside to be placed in a very special zone.
The Apuan Alps have a very sharp morphology which characterize and differentiate it by the near Appennino. They are constituted by a dense series of high peacks made by marble, their slopes are very tilted and the valleys deeply engraved.
The Apuan Alps are famed for the beauty of their marbles, the depth of the valleys and the great hollow of the calcareous subsoil.
Their geographical position, the exposure and the different nature of the rocks define various and opposite environments facilitating the plenty of flora and fauna.

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