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THE VILLAGE - martedì 21 maggio 2024 

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Far away, surrounded by the clouds

Sant’Anna, hamlet of Stazzema

“….Tiny, reduced to scattered houses under the peaks north-east of Farnocchia, amidst the named houses there is an oratory dedicated to Sant’Anna … " Thus mentioned in “ Versilia granducale”, 1700.

Sant’Anna, a hamlet of Stazzema (Lucca), is located on the southern-most offspring of the Apuan Alps, 660 metres above sea level. The village can be reached by a panoramic road, 10 km long, who mender through Versilia hills, touching the villages of Monteggiori and La Culla.
Sant’Anna can also be reached by means of the ancient mule-traks, which were part of the old Via Francigena, as well from Farnocchia, as from Capriglia-Capezzano and from Valdicastello.

In remote times, Sant’Anna was the mountain pasture of the small village of Farnocchia and the inhabitants mostly lived on agriculture and pasture. The main richness came from chestnut woods and copses, from which they produced charcoal. The village consist of a centre and small groups of houses which are differently named (Case di Berna, Sennari, Fabbiani, Colle, Moco, Bambini, Vaccareccia, Argentiera di sopra e di sotto, Monte Ornato, Valle Cava, Vinci, Franchi, Pero, La Chiesa, Merli, Coletti e Molini), perched in the valley dominated by the mountains Gabberi, Lieto, Rocca and Ornato. In the centre of the village there is the small church, entitled to Sant’Anna, dating back to the XVIth century.
In the surrounding are still visible the traces of the mining sites “Argentiera” (where, from ancient times minerals like argentiferous galena were extracted) and “Monte Arsiccio” (extraction of iron and mixed sulphides, active till the end of the nineteeneighties).
Before the massacre on August 12th, 1944, the domiciled were about 400 units. Now, they are aproximately 30 units.

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